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    2. R&D Team

      CHANWAY upholds employment philosophy that with morality and competence, future is ours only if we have talents. We attract and develop a professional, high-quality and innovative outstanding technical team. At present, there are over 30 senior research professionals and over 80 ordinary research fellows and quality control engineers. Total number of employees is over 1,000, including more than 40% employees with college degree. The average age of employees is around 35.

      In order to stay ahead of industry, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL cooperates with university and set up system and platform. In September 2011, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL cooperated with Material College of Henan University of Technology, establishing integrated comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with ability to produce, learn and research. CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL also set up a university workstation to provide a good experimental and practical base for undergraduates and graduates. The college fully takes advantage of its teaching resource, developing, training and providing all types of excellent technical talents and management talents. In addition, college preferentially and favorably provides the latest and most promising scientific achievements for CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL. When it is necessary, college would send experts and professors to help solve technical and management problems for CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL, assisting and push the development of CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL.

      CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL is actively preparing for the construction of research and development center which meets the highest industry standards. It will be the innovation demonstration base of abrasive manufacturing industry in the near future.

      ADD:No.1 Jinteng Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

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