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      Grinding is the surface of the parts of the finishing, precision machining, it has the following cha

      1. high precision grinding research Tang adopts a very threading powder, rub a layer of thin metal at low speed and low pressure. The heat produced in the grinding process is very small, the deformation of the workpiece is very small and the surface metamorphic layer is very slight, so a very high precision surface can be obtained. The precision of the grinding is 0.01Um.

      2. the cutting quantity of high precision and high grinding surface is very small, the motion is complex, and it is not affected by the motion precision, so the high precision of shape can be obtained. The roundness of the sphere can reach O. Yang four, and the cylindricity of the cylinder can reach O.T four e. On the other hand, because of the small cutting amount of grinding, the original position error can not be all corrected, so grinding can not improve the position accuracy of the parts.

      3., there is a relative movement between the roughness of the surface rents and the parts, and each movement trajectory will not repeat with the previous motion trace. Therefore, the convex peaks on the surface of the parts can be uniformly removed and the surface roughness can be reduced. The roughing roughness of the grinding surface is generally up to Rd.01M.

      4. improve the surface resistance sensibility grinding parts of the surface of the coarse yorinori small, reduce the surface friction coefficient and effective contact area increases. The wear resistance is improved.

      5. to improve the surface of the surface of the parts, the surface of the part has the pressure stress, which is beneficial to the improvement of the fatigue strength of the surface of the parts.

      6., the manufacturability is good. The equipment is simple and easy to manufacture: grinding is not only suitable for manual production, but also for batch mechanized production. It can be machined steel, iron, non-ferrous metals and non gold chips. For example, we can study hard and brittle materials such as ruffian glass, ceramic, diamond and so on.

      7. application of a wide range of grinding processing is widely used in various modern industrial production of precision parts, various gauge measuring, optical glass, precision tools, semiconductor components, precision fit surface are needed after grinding.

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