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      Characteristics of the form of centerless cylindrical grinding
      1. round grinding workpiece two lines do not hit the center hole, do not use a thimble to support the workpiece. The grinding allowance is relatively reduced because of the indeterminate center of the workpiece.
      2. external grinding can not wear the axially grooved workpiece. When grinding the workpiece with holes, the position of the axis of the hole can not be corrected, and the coaxiality of the workpiece is low.
      3. cell cut in general only in roller rolling processing, especially suitable for grinding set group of thin wall parts. Because the part is its own circle as the positioning datum, the original same uranium degree error between the inner and outer causes can not be corrected.
      4. The maneuver time of centerless grinding coincides with the time and time. It is easy to automate the grinding process and the production efficiency is high.
      5., in the centerless grinding process, the size of the center of the workpiece depends on the original error before grinding, the rigidity of the process system, the amount of grinding and other process parameters, such as the center height of the workpiece, the angle of the pallet, etc.
      6, the stability and uniformity of workpiece movement depends on the transmission chain, workpiece shape and weight, material of guide wheel and support, surface shape, grinding star and other process parameters.
      7. centerless grinding machine is longer, and the technical requirements for adjusting machine tools are also higher, and it is not suitable for single piece small batch production.
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        Grinding is the surface of the parts of the finishing, precision machining, it has the following cha
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