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    2. CHANWAY Business School

      Proceeding from future development, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL set up CHANWAY Business School in 2014. This school is a training base for workers and management leaders in CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL, providing sustainable opportunity and space for workers. It helps establish learning organization and develop top-notch employees.

      CHANWAY Business School focuses on improving management level, skill and comprehensive quality. It aims to become a Whampoa Military Academy and the cradle where develops CHANWAY professional manager. CHANWAY Business School's motto is responsibility, self-discipline, progressiveness and value. It has become an important training institution and platform of CHANWAY's managerial personnel.

      CHANWAY advocates life-long study. Human resources department, the business guidance organization and management department of CHANWAY Business School, takes charge of coordinately organizing training of personnel in various departments. By cooperating with domestic famous colleges and training institutions, CHANWAY Business School combines many functions including talent development, academic education, idea spreading, culture construction, knowledge integration and strategy promotion in one. It helps every employee keep study for his or her own development and become a specialist in his or her position or a multi-ability talent with comprehensive quality. Every middle and senior staff has responsibility to make direction and provide condition for his or her subordinates in order to improve their comprehensive quality like knowledge, skill and attitude, which helps break through talents bottleneck.


      ADD:No.1 Jinteng Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

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