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    2. ABOUT US

      Since before 1999, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL introduced the most advanced abrasive production equipment from South Korea, which helps production process and quality of CHANWAY abrasive rank NO.1 around China. It was pioneering at that time since no one ever introduced abroad advanced production equipment and realized automatic production in abrasive manufacturing industry before. Total investment of these four equipment is over 3 million. The most expensive one cost over 1.7 million.

      With a large amount of practical experience of imported equipment, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL cooperates with enterprises at home and abroad, jointly developing several multi-station machines which are accord with different production condition and beginning to extensively use domestic automatic molding equipment and tunnel hardening furnace gradually. By now, equipment system whose main body consists of double drum counter-flow mixer, multi-stations machine and tunnel hardening furnace has been formed.


      In 2011, intelligent equipment project of CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL's new production base received approval and financial support from Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance. CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL also invited SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd to customized and designed production line for its new manufacturing base.

      Application of new equipment improved four times the efficiency of original production capacity. The automatic, intelligent and environmental production line is the strength reflection of CHANWAY's first-class management and technology. CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL successfully achieves industry benchmark standard of leading technique, leading production process and leading equipment.

      Aiming to improve the technological content of products, technicians work on market and make research of market demand. They constantly optimize and upgrade product, which make product keep leading the market. Besides, marketing satisfaction surges to new highs through perfecting raw and auxiliary material, quality standard of product, and quality control measures, bettering production technique guidance, strictly supervising production process and improving quality.


      In order to stay ahead of industry, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL cooperates with university and set up system and platform. In September 2011, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL cooperated with Material College of Henan University of Technology, establishing integrated comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with ability to produce, learn and research. CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL also set up a university workstation to provide a good experimental and practical base for undergraduates and graduates. The college fully takes advantage of its teaching resource, developing, training and providing all types of excellent technical talents and management talents. In addition, college preferentially and favorably provides the latest and most promising scientific achievements for CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL. When it is necessary, college would send experts and professors to help solve technical and management problems for CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL, assisting and pushing the development of CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL.

      ADD:No.1 Jinteng Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

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