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    2. Brand
      CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL possesses four brands, including JIN ZUAN, YIN ZUAN, ROMAX and OURSPER.


      At the initial stage of development, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL had registered brand JIN ZUAN and JIN ZUAN and launched them to market at the same time. The market position of JIN ZUAN is high-end product. The market position of YIN ZUAN is mid-range product. Their differences show on their application like durability, sharpness and specialty. On the range of usage, JIN ZUAN is better. At present, JIN ZUAN abrasive and YIN ZUAN abrasive are well-known in the hardware industry and enjoy great popularity from customers. Brand position of being a high-quality abrasive manufacturer prompts CHANWAY devotes itself to producing the most excellent product.

      To meet the quality standard of international level, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL demands to produce product that is not only meet international standard but even higher than international standard on quality management. In 2012, CHANWAY launched two new brand including ROMAX and OUSPER. Both of them are belong to high-end abrasive market. The launch of these two new brand proves CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL’s technology of producing fine abrasive and its ability of building high-end brand. On technology and service, standard of CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL’s product quality can reach the quality standard of international famous brands now.
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